Gummy Smile 

A gummy smile occurs when over 3-4 millimeters of gum tissue becomes visible when you smile or laugh. Factors that determine this include: 

. The shape and size of your lips 

. Hyperactivity of muscles elevating the upper lip  

. The shape and size of your teeth 

. Your gum tissue

. An enlarged upper jaw

Gum tissue visible in the smile line should have a balanced and even contour that is in harmony with the upper lip. It is for this reason that many people who display excessive gum tissue believe their smile to be unattractive. 

How can this be treated?

A small amount of Botulinum toxin will be injected into the junction of the nose to mouth fold. This relaxes the muscles responsible for elevating the upper lip which in turn lowers the top of the smile to cover more of the gums.

When will I see results and are there any side effects? 

It will take 3-14 days for the Botox to take full effect. Elevation of the upper lip will gradually reduce and your smile will be transformed! There is no downtime for this procedure, in fact most people resume their daily activities after their visit. 

What will happen at my consultation?

You will have a free confidential consultation before any treatment with no obligation. This includes discussing your concerned areas, any expectations, side effects and the treatment process. A medical history will be taken to ensure safe and appropriate treatment.