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Lip filler or lip plumping is a popular treatment used to improve the shape, volume and definition of your lips.

This is done to create a more desirable and youthful appearance, always keeping your facial features and proportions in mind.  At Face Studio Clinic, we use the most advanced range of dermal fillers, specifically designed for lip augmentations, so they always look and feel like your own natural lips.


What happens during a lip filler procedure?

A numbing cream may be applied before treatment to reduce any pain and discomfort. Your doctor will then inject small quantities of hyaluronic acid superficially into the lips using a small needle until the desired shape is achieved. They will be thoroughly massaged to ensure they are smooth before you leave.

When will I see the results of my lip filler?

You will be able to see the results of the treatment immediately, however, they will be swollen due to inflammation. Optimal results should be judged after two weeks. This gives the hyaluronic acid enough time to settle and integrate with your lip tissue.

Are there any side effects of lip filler?

Plumping treatments will often cause mild to moderate swelling for the first 24-48 hours. This is a normal reaction and the swelling may appear worse the following day. The lips will reduce in size by approximately 30-50% as the swelling subsides and uneven swelling is not uncommon as the lips settle.

What will happen at my consultation?

You will have a confidential consultation before any treatment with no obligation. This includes discussing your concerned areas, any expectations, side effects and the treatment process. A medical history will be taken to ensure safe and appropriate treatment.

Can lip fillers be used to correct asymmetry?

Yes, absolutely and increasingly, patients come in because they want to improve asymmetry or imbalance in the lip. Dermal fillers are ideal for treating this.

How many sessions of lip filler will I need?

This depends entirely on what look you are trying to achieve. Gradually building volume over time is key. Too much too quickly can overstretch the lips and cause the filler to move out of place.

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Treatment lasts 6-9 months


Immediate results


48 hours mild-moderate swelling


Individual result may vary

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  • 90 Hagley Road,
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